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This fishery was operated by Yorkshire Water on a Day Ticket basis for a number years. A number of keen local anglers were upset about losing their fishing when Yorkshire Water decided they would no longer run the fishery. Felling Fly Fishing Club were on the lookout for a Stillwater and were able to negotiate a lease from Yorkshire Water. The fishery will be operated, with Day Tickets, in a similar (but better) manner to the previous management.

The reservoir is open daily for fishing from 8.00am to dusk between the 1st. March and the 30th. November inclusive. Regrettably, owing to rising costs associated with stocking the reservoir after February 2005, it has been necessary to increase the Ticket price and reduce the daily bag limit. N.B. - the revised limit applies to club members.

The Committee decided to maintain our association with our current supplier who always provides top quality, fully finned fish. Reducing the bag limit permitted a more modest increase in ticket prices. The Evening Concessionary ticket has been withdrawn as it was uneconomic.

The reservoir is open daily for fishing from 8 am. until Dusk between 1st. March and 30th. November. (Both dates inclusive)

Day tickets may be purchased from the following three outlets, Gilsan Sports, 2 High Street, Leyburn, Monday to Saturday and from Tom and Barbara Knowles through Constable Burton Caravan Park, open 7 days a week from 17th March. We are now able to offer day tickets from a further outlet as of 10 June through Mr. Jobson at Crakehall Filling Station open Monday to Saturday who also have a shop on site for most goods. Day tickets may be purchased in advance.

Evening Tickets will be available from 1st. May to 31st August inclusive - fishing from 4pm. By popular request Evening Tickets will be available from 3pm. during the month of September.

The reservoir is a shared water with the local sailing club but, for most of the time, fishing prevails. Further details of sailing times are available at Hargill House, Finghall.

Members of Felling Fly Fishing Club do not have to pay any additional fees to fish this water BUT ALL OTHER RULES APPLY. THE BAG LIMIT IS THREE FISH ON ANY ONE DAY - your attention is drawn to the Club Rule restricting to 6 (SIX) the number of fish which may be taken (from all stocked club waters) in any period of 7 (SEVEN) days. This is a maximum number and the Committee hopes that members will exercise restraint. This does not affect the number which may be caught and released.

The committee are concerned that so many anglers are not placing their catch returns in the box provided in the car park. If we do not get accurate returns we cannot get the stocking level correct.

Blue-green algae can be present at this reservoir. Please ensure the water is to your liking before purchasing your ticket, as refunds cannot be given.

The western bay of the reservoir is for the exclusive use of anglers when sailing is in progress. Anglers must keep away from the boat launching and pontoon area.

Anglers must park their vehicles in the car park provided.

Everybody must enter and leave the reservoir grounds at the authorised entrances and keep to the paths as far as possible.

LITTER - As a matter of policy Yorkshire Water do not provide litter bins - they get over-filled or vandalised resulting in more pollution so - please TAKE YOUR LITTER HOME. This includes all discarded line, hooks and plastic beer can ties which can harm the wildlife.

Yorkshire Water reserve the right to close all or part of the reservoir or its grounds at any time for operational reasons.

All the above should be read in conjunction with the fishery rules


Subject to confirmation at the AGM

Full day ticket

£18.00 - Bag Limit 3 fish

Evening Ticket

£10.00 - Bag Limit 2 fish

Concessions - Day

£13.00 - Bag Limit 3 fish

Concessionary rate is available to all anglers in receipt of the State Retirement Pension or Disablement Pension and to anglers aged 16 and 17 years. This latter is in keeping with the club's policy of enabling young people who are still at school to go fishing at reasonable cost.

Information taken from 04/02/2012

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