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New farm offers three lakes (1) the match lake wich is well stocked with Tench, carp, Roach, rudd .Barble etc and is now takeing match bookings and is great sport for the pleasure angler (2) The Carp lake that is stocked with carp to 30lb+ and (3) The catfish lake that is well stocked with big catfish in excess of 50lb with pleanty of backup 20's and 30's and dont overlook the carp in this lake there are some cracking carp to over 30lb.. night fishing is allowed by arangement.


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Phone Number: 07522149186
Mobile Number: 07918191477
Postcode: SL6 3ST
Main Type: Carp
Sub Type: Match / Coarse
Profile Type: Fishery owned

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Toilets Night Fishing Good Parking

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