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Types of Fishery

The place to share information about where you fish or a fishery you own

Fishery Networks main aim is to give anglers somewhere to log & share information about the places they fish. We also want to give fishery owners a place where they can interact with their customers and advertise their venues.

Add Your Catches

Add & share your catches

Build up details of all your catches, you can even log private information solely for yourself or just create your very own online fishing dairy.

Review & Rate Fisheries

Add & share your catches

Give your opinions on Fisheries or an angling holiday destination you have visited, a bit like a TripAdvisor but for fishing!

View & find local fisheries

Add & share your catches

Using our mapping system you can easily find fisheries in a given area. This is really helpful when you are in an unfamiliar place & looking for places to fish.

Promote your fishery

Add & share your catches

Fishery network is FREE to use and fishery profiles come with many features. We have lots of features planned for the future and would love to hear any suggestions you have.

Features for Fishery Owners

We want to give fishery owners a place in which they can professionally advertise their venues, features which will also be beneficial to Fisheries who already have a website. We are also looking at creating various data feeds, which can be used on your websites! Exciting stuff!

  • Interact With Your Customers
  • Get Noticed, Get Found
  • Advertise For Free
  • Professional Web Presence
  • Lots More Planned

Features for Anglers

Fishery Network makes finding nearby fishing venues a breeze! This is especially helpful when on holiday or in an area you are unfamiliar with. We also have some exciting features planned for the coming months, which will turn Fishery Network into your very own personal fishing dairy.

  • Fishery Finder
  • Log Information
  • Add Catches
  • Add Reviews
  • Get Directions
  • Local Weather Reports
  • Share Information
  • Lots More Planned